Ronald H. Bozikis

US Army

SERVED: 1967 – 1969

Location: Vietnam


Memory from a Loved One: 

My brother had a football scholarship to Kansas State and the likelihood of playing for Missouri after he was discharged. However, in the interim, at age 19 he decided to enlist in the US Amy. He did so in January 1967, and after Basic decided to become a Green Beret, to which few men are chosen. We did not think he would make it because of the poor vision in his left eye. Little did we know that his intent in doing so was so strong that he had memorized the eye chart before the exam to ensure his passage. He excelled in all that he did. As a staff sergeant, he had received about every medal the Army has to offer with the exception of the Medal of Honor, which he well deserves. He received the Bronze Star twice and the Silver Star, to name a few. Sadly, he was killed in action on October 25, 1969 just a little over a week before he was to come home. He lives in our hearts and minds continually and will never be forgotten. — His sister, Sandra (Bozikis) Northrop