The Vision

Our comprehensive plan for this memorial seeks to provide healing and education for veteran’s children and visitors from around the country.

The initial design includes

  • A veteran’s hall


  • Water feature


  • Bell tower


  • Amphitheater
  • Meadows


  • Walking paths


  • Military artifacts


“I’m really excited the group in Perryville is going through such great lengths to complete a full-scale replica that is as accurate and as complete as it can possibly be.”

-Jim Knotts,

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund
President and CEP

“I am so happy to tell anyone who will listen about Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial. What an undertaking and the progress to date is remarkable! As a Missourian, I am so proud that our state will be home to this shrine for our nation’s heroes and will be visited by countless numbers of proud Americans. Well done!

-Dan Dierdorf,

NFL Hall of Fame

“Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial here in the Midwest is a unique memorial that helps us all to remember, honor, and thank our veterans and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for this great nation. God bless America.”

-Randy Alewel,

BG (Retired)

As we receive more funding, we’ll add features to our campus that represent all of America’s conflicts and all branches of our military.

These features are just the start:


• America’s Wall

• Guardians of Freedom

• Honor Flag Memorial

• Welcome Center

Ways to Give