Lewis E. Day

US Army

SERVED: 4 years 22 days and 2 years 10 months (2nd Enlistment)

Location: Naples-Foggia, Rome-Arno, Tunisian Campaigns and Yokohama, Japan (2nd Enlistment)

Memory from a Loved One: 
He served overseas for a little over 3 years of his 1st enlistment.  He then re-enlisted and was part of the occupation of Japan.
I didn’t know much of my Dad’s military history until later in my life and by then he had been gone a long time.  I wish I had known more and talked to him about it. Now, I make sure my grandkids know about his service and a couple of them have written reports about their Grandpa Day for school.
Even before I learned of his service he was my Hero… now he’s my Superhero. — Karla Klindworth