Saturday, February 24th, Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial (MNVM) held its first ever Kids Day! Over 125 people participated including moms, dads, grandparents, and kids. We explored the daily life of a service member in World War I. Kids were able to touch/feel/see World War I items from the Missouri State Museum in Jefferson City. Additionally, we had a Dough Boy reenactor who brought items of his own. He explained how each item was used by service members and gave great explanations of geopolitical forces at play in early twentieth century Europe. Kids left with a better understanding of the sacrifices our Veterans made in service to our country.

For our younger children, we had a crafts table where they could paint and create their very own poppy as we explained the significance of the poppy flower within the context of World War I. Kids were able to take home their poppies to remember their time spent at MNVM!

In the Military Museum, scavenger hunts were available. As kids raced from exhibit to exhibit, excitement filled the air, punctuated by laughter and exclamations of discovery. The scavenger hunt not only reinforced the knowledge they had acquired throughout the day but also instilled a sense of adventure and camaraderie among the participants.