Status Symbol Updates

Annually, the Department of Defense works with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund in Washington, DC to make updates to the Vietnam Memorial Wall. Nancy House, MNVM volunteer,  receives notification from Allen McCale, Volunteer Coordinator and Board Member of VVMF, of the annual updates to ensure our wall remains an exact replica.

Updates to the wall include additional names and status symbol changes to current names on the Wall. If the Department of Defense determines that a service member has met the criteria for addition to The Wall, their name is added. Service members repatriated in the previous year have their status symbols changed.

This week Kevin Hale, of Eternal Etchings,  updated our wall for changes in 2022 and 2023. 2022 saw no name additions; however, there were 22 status symbol changes. 2023 saw no name additions, and one status symbol change.