Resting Place and Funeral Services

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”
John 14:27

Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial offers a variety of options for honoring and memorializing your loved ones. You do not have to be a veteran to use our grounds or services. Due to limited space, we require all those wishing to rest here be cremated.

Before making any decisions, you may wish to talk through your options. We will gladly meet with you and/or other family representatives to discuss which of our services are best for your situation. The meeting will cover our contract agreements as well as pricing.

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Urn Entombment

Some of our resting places require remains to be housed in a specifically sized urn. The urn must be purchased directly from Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial. If you already have an urn, we can help with the transference of ashes.

Tombs that require an MNVM urn

  • Honor Flag Memorial Knee Wall*
  • Belowground Urn Cluster
  • Urn Garden

You may also have an MNVM urn entombed in a memorial bench on our campus. Each bench can accommodate up to four urns. The initial entombment requires the purchase of the bench, while following entombments require the purchase of space at a lesser fee.

*Only Veterans and veteran spouses are allowed to be buried in the Honor Flag Memorial Knee Wall.

Green Options


Tree Memorial

One of our visions for Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial is a wooded area where birds and other wildlife gather to create a peaceful escape for visitors. You or your loved one can help grow this area and other trees on our campus. We will mix cremated remains with specific ecofriendly materials to use when planting and tending to our trees, ensuring the deceased’s ashes have a positive impact.


Biodegradable Urn

Similar to other entombment options, you or your loved one will be placed in the earth in an urn. In this instance, the urn will naturally disintegrate, enriching the ground around it and helping plants grow.


Scattering Garden

Our scattering garden is a beautiful and calm area where visitors can always return to reflect on a loved one’s memory. Family representatives may scatter remains here for a small fee.* The cost allows us to maintain the garden so it is always peaceful and well-kept for visitors.


If a personal representative is unavailable to scatter the ashed, please contact us to discuss additional options.


A funeral service is not required for any of the above options.

Funeral Service Options

We strive to create memorable, comforting and intimate experiences. During an initial arrangement conference, we’ll go through different funeral services and decide together what would best suit you or your loved one.

Wakes and visitations

These events occur prior to interment. Family and friends of the deceased are invited to gather in the Chapel to pay final respects, and the deceased’s ashes will be present in an urn on a Chapel table. We can work with you to arrange appropriate religious practices or prayer services if you would like them.


Services in the Chapel

This selection lasts about an hour. During the service, the urn will be transported to its final resting place and entombed. There will also be a closing ceremony to give the event an air of finality.

You can upgrade this option by involving a member of the clergy to help coordinate the service.


Funeral escort and ceremony at America’s Wall

This is what we recommend for veterans, especially those who served in active duty. Services during this ceremony can be personalized to best represent you or your loved one.


Post-service reception

Following the service, loved ones may want a place to gather and remember the deceased. We can prepare the event room for a private meal or refreshments. This is ideal for those who may not want to worry about driving after services.


example-services image

Example service

The color guard transports the urn and folded flag from the Chapel to the apex of the Wall, leading service guests. A member of the clergy welcomes everyone and reads the eulogy. The color guard performs a rifle firing ceremony followed by a playing of taps over the speaker system. The color guard presents an American flag to a family representative, and then the urn is placed at the base of the Honor Flag Memorial, where the color guard or a family member may perform the interment. The color guard gives a flag salute and marches to the Chapel for dismissal. The clergy member announces the end of the service and thanks everyone for coming.

Celebrating Life

Add-on services


Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial is home to several monuments honoring our nation’s veterans and those currently serving.

We also offer options for extending the memory of your loved one.

  • Video tribute
  • Floral arrangements
  • Obituary preparation
  • Remembrance cards
  • Memorial collections
  • Cremation jewelry preparation
  • Inclusion of a veteran’s name in the
  • Memorial Day reading

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