It’s our duty to honor the courageous men and women who have served in the United States Armed forces.

Corporate Opportunities

Corporate Partnerships

A partnership entails an ongoing annual donation from a business to Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial. 

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Naming and sponsorship opportunities are available for any organization seeking high visibility year-round. Signage proudly displays business names, highlighting that your organization’s involvement has been a core part of the memorial’s success.

The cost for naming opportunities is dependent on the site requested and may require meeting a threshold for construction costs before sponsorship is official.

Naming opportunities within Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial include:

  • Buildings
  • Benches
  • Trees
  • Exhibit areas
  • Landscape elements
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Walkways

For other naming opportunities on the MNVM campus, please contact us.

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As progress is made at Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial, we will begin hosting a variety of events. Should you choose to sponsor an event, your organization’s logo will be present on all event materials and promotional advertisements, including on our website. Based on the nature of the event, your organization may also receive special recognition during opening and closing remarks. Financial requirements will vary depending on event size and audience.

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Jackie Smith

NFL Hall of Fame


“This is not just a project for us. This is a project for everyone who cares about this country, who cares about the military and who appreciates the sacrifices that have been made. It’s up to us to make sure that courage and selflessness like that is not forgotten.”


NFL Hall of Fame


“As a Navy veteran, I am thrilled to support Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial. My fellow service men sacrificed a great deal—some giving the ultimate sacrifice—and I think a project like this Memorial is the perfect way to honor the legacy.”


NFL Hall of Fame


“I am so happy to tell anyone who will listen about Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial. What an undertaking and the progress to date is remarkable! As a Missourian, I am so proud that our state will be home to this shrine for our nation’s heroes and will be visited by countless numbers of proud Americans. Well done!”


President & CEO, Pro Football Hall of Fame


“The Pro Football Hall of Fame is dedicated to a mission that honors heroes of the game, preserves its history, promotes its values and celebrates excellence everywhere. We have a deep understanding and abiding appreciation for the efforts of Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial. Abraham Lincoln said, ‘A nation that does not honor its heroes shall not long endure.’ The commitment to create a special place to honor true heroes and to provide an environment for reflection to remember their noble sacrifice makes our families stronger, our communities closer and our country greater.”